Sunday, December 8, 2013

Are you ready?

What a week it has been for me. Brandons' funeral was so touching and beatuiful at the same time. I took so many things from the time I spent in Pennsylvania. The most important thing I took was  cancer cannot dwell in people who refuse to let it ruin the love they expell from their hearts, mind, and souls. You see when you have faith in God you already know everything will be alright.You see people tend to think we need all these extra things in life. Nope. All you need is Faith, Hope, and Love. Those are the greatest things of life. Without those things you will not live a life that you are content with. We have already established the things that cancer does, and we all know That cancer sucks ass.

The things that it can't do is ruin a beatuiful person. Anyone knows a beatuiful person when you see one, and really sick people are some of themost beatuiful spirits you will ever meet. I can whole heartedly say Brandon was a beautiful spirit, as well as his entire family was made of beautiful people. I had been under so much stress between school, work, family, and just life that I was begining to forget these things. God will never leave me out in the cold. He may let you feel the wind and rain but he will always be right behind you shielding you from the actual storm. Tim Johnson former Washington Redskin delivered a short eulogy his main question was Are you ready? He was asking are you ready to die, because the biggest moment in all of our lives are when we die. As I thought about his question I asked my self was I ready to die. My initial answer was no. Let's be clear Im still in college, haven't held my dream job, havent bought my Olivia Pope burberry trench coat. I am not ready. Then as he explained the question in detail, my thought process changed. Have I been a blessing to those in and around my life to the best of my ability? Yes. Have I shared the gospel of Jesus Christ? Yes. Do I believe? Yes. So why am I trippin off these earthly possessions.

Truthfully God has something way better then anything I can be offered here on earth. Eternal Life. When I start to think about it like that school, life, work, cancer. All of these are small things to be conquered. The day I can stand and I say I have conquered every obstacle that has decided to stand before me will be a truly great day, but the day I get to meet Jesus will be an even greater one. Picture that being told well done for your work by the Almighty. So why are we sweating the small stuff, exactly no reason at all. This holiday season is a tough one for me but trust and believe it will not stop me being a blessing to anyone in every way shape and form that I can. So you ask how do I stay so positive when my world is crashing down. I tell myself one simple thing, He said he woule NEVER put more on me then I can bear.



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