Monday, May 19, 2014

Can you say AMAZING!!!!!

From surgery to recovery back to surgery again there is one person I can say I don't deserve for them to be so nice to me, because I'm a pain in the butt. Jayde A. Gavin better know as Jay, also known as my ying to my yang, my left brain, my other half, my rib, my sugar lumps, my heart, my loving boyfriend has put up with my lack there of health from the beginning  Okay, I know you all are probably dying for the story with this guy, so i'll dish. 3 years ago I was a working woman on a life mission and I was motivated by money. I had 2 jobs one at the USDA, and the other at Texas Roadhouse. I was smart my government job was the money I saved and Texas Roadhouse was my play money.

So one day while I was at Texas Roadhouse ready to gouge my eyes out counting down the hours till work was over. Then I hear excuse me, the first thought that popped in my mind was he needs steak sauce. I turned around to see this guy (Jay) on crutches, I asked how could I help him. He simply stated he wanted nothing but to tell me I was beautiful, as I blushed I thanked him and he walked away with the help of his crutches. Well to make a long story short he was transferring from VCU to Bowie State to play basketball...of course it would only be right that he meets the cheerleader. So I pretty much ignored his whole life the whole summer I never returned his calls or texts. Now fast forward to the beginning of the semester i'm walking through the gym, now who do you all think I see, of course I see Jay working out. We talked for a while everything was cool he was excited about the season and I was refreshed that he seemed so different.

Over the next few months we became pretty good friend talking each other through life struggles  relationship issues, school stress, our respective team drama. I learned he was a genuine person who once he called you a friend he would do anything he could for you. My point is that when you have amazing people in your corner you can do anything under the sun, and he has been nothing but AMAZING! Jay needs an award because he has truly been a blessing through everything. From the beginning he spent the long hours in the hospital with me entertaining me, bringing me my craved foods and being the shoulder I cried on when I was frustrated. My first surgery he stayed in the hospital all day with me. During my recovery he became my designated baby sitter, because my mom hated leaving me alone.

 My second surgery he did the same thing, the night before my surgery I threw a huge fit when he was about to leave because I didn't want him to leave me that bad and even though he had workouts in the morning he stayed and we slept in the twin sized hospital bed. I was comfortable, him on the other hand not so much. The next six days I was in the hospital so was he, whatever I needed he gave me. Of course my family has been there for me, but they kind of have to Lol. Jay on the other hand could have rolled out a long time ago.

The blessing in disguise I like to call him to my friends because he always wakes up think how can I put a smile on her face, and through all of it he has stayed by my side. I am a pain in the butt. I whine, I throw fits, i had nasty attitudes that makes it impossible for almost anyone to have the patience to deal with me. I fuss and fight with him, but at the same time it amazes me how much he loves me and how much he wants to be here for me. To sum it all up the lesson I'm trying tell ya'll is that when people come into your life its for a reason.

Trust and believe Jay and i had our fare share of drama and at one point in the past 3 years I wished I had never met him, because he was draining me of all life I had in me. Now in hindsight I wouldn't change a thing we have such a strong bond because of everything we have been through with each other, and for each other that has shaped our relationship to what it is today. Moral of the story you never know what or who your blessing is until life gets real and you see who is not only in your corner, but there to stay.

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