Monday, May 19, 2014

Oh. Hey y'all !!!

Okay so I know you all hate my life because I have not posted since the 4th, but I did for some reason it posted under the dates I drafted which were in January, super random yeah I know I'm going to get my life together for you all. Okay! Now let me fill you in on the rest of the week of chemo last week. It was HORRIBLE! I was sick, and irritable the entire week, I had my usual Wednesday temper  tantrum, but Thursday was the absolute worst day of my life. I'm not even being dramatic. I had my wig appointment which went well. Me my mom and my sister acting silly trying on  wigs was just the laugh I needed to begin the morning, too bad chemo was going to absolutely SUCK! I had Lakisha put in my IV because she understands that I have rolling veins and I need special attention (I know i'm a total drama queen, but really my veins are rolling.) and then I felt like this -___________-

 I really don't know what happened, or why I felt so nasty, so fast but it was the worst day I had in a while. Not to mention that chemo took FOREVER! It was a long, very slow day. The car ride home, ehh ... not much better. Once I got home I just assumed my position in the couch, and hoped for the best, too bad I only got the worst. So from the terrible Thursday you would assume I was excited for Friday, not really I was more so excited to get my IV removed after chemo, and to be honest I was secretly hoping the sky would open and a gigantic crater would fall on the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, and they would tell me chemo is canceled.

 However,the universe wasn't quite aligned the right way so I went to chemo with a better attitude and did it ever pay off. I climbed up into the daybed ready to go straight to sleep and about 30 minuets into chemo I have someone that wants to meet me. Her name was Ali and she is making a documentary about cancer. So I told her my life story she instantly was intrigued by my journey we talked for about 2 hours before she left in attempts to get back to New York before the snow storm. Then before I knew it chemo was over, and I was a happy camper. But Friday when I got home, oh boy did it go bad. So you guys remember my cute little short cut, yeah it was holding on to dear life, and I started putting make-up on my scalp because I was getting a little thin. It was working though until my scalp was on FIRE because the make up was caked up on my scalp so Courtney decided we should wash my hair. Let me be the first to tell you the worst idea on the face of the planet. My hair fell all the way out. I cried and went directly to sleep.

The next morning I woke up, put a turban on, called Jay and off to the MAC counter we went. I told the girl at the MAC counter I had cancer, my hair is falling out because of chemo and I need to buy some make-up so I can feel better about myself. That mission was accomplished wonderfully. Now on Tuesday I must say I had the best surprise ever. That was from my doctors office. They sent me a beautiful basket of gifts All Teal :) so when I went to go drop by with a thank you card it was a true pleasure to see everyone supporting me by wearing teal ribbons. Ann even cut her already short hair a little shorter just for me. I know I say this in almost every post but I truly am amazed every single day by the support that I get every where I go. It is truly only the thing that keeps me going. So thank you everyone who has ever said a kind word to me or wished me well you have no idea how you are making me stronger everyday.


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